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Weleome to a blog called Just Sharing Thoughts this all started

Really I am just bored and wanted to share my thoughts XD

So firstly thus started at Blogspot justsharingt.blogspot.com <← Visit it if you want

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Just Sharing Thoughts




OMG I have nothing to say!!

Every Friday (Philippine Time) I will try to add an entry because our school is so strict they wont let us use cellphones in our school but I will try 

waiting for Ms. JOY 🙂 *Filipino*


Waiting for Ms. Diane *Science*

We are going to dance
too Humiliating :^

 now we are goint to continue checking our test paper


We just finished our PT  and currently watching my classmates one it is Outstanding ! ❤

we just scored 18/20 
We commuted with the 3 strict teachers and the traffic is kinda heavy

I am sooo… Sowwy

I am truly sorry for not adding an entry on Sunday because we had our Long Test and I have to revieq hard to pass my grades, soooooo I am trullly sorry but in next couple of weeks we are having our final periodical test so after that ee are going to have our summer vacation soooo look forward for that 🙂

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So I made this announcement on my blogspot blog but I am also going to announce it again….

The Announcement!

So I will “try” add an entry to this blog every Sunday. And if I got some time I will try to add some more so stay tuned….

Peace X

A Welcome… (Are you sure?)

 my name is Railey Miguel D. Panuelos from Philippines I am only 13 years old so dont expect alot from me…
This isn’t my first blog my first blog is Just Sharing Thoughts in Blogspot so I decided to continue this to WordPress I hope this blog is going to gain more readers and stuff
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